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Essential Advice on Choosing a Top Class Consultant

Too many small-business people aren’t willing to ask for help when they need it. Entrepreneurs by nature tend to be independent risk-takers. They started the company and it is their baby. Obviously, they should know how to raise it.

Why Would a Successful Entrepreneur Hire a Coach?

It’s not as if coaches have secret powers or have some deep-seated knowledge of your industry that could open the door to more success. Coaches are mere humans like you and me. However, good coaches can help you identify your blind spots.

A Good Mentor Can Help Limit Uncertainty

Being an entrepreneur is one of those few jobs where your path is not charted out for you. No one cares about your past experience, no one will hold your hand when things get difficult and no one will sugar coat their belief in your potential failure.

Avoid These 3 Pitfalls When Opening a Consulting Business

If you’ve ever met someone who told you they were a “business consultant,” and you scratched your head wondering what in the heck does that really mean, you are not alone. The term “consultant” is so vague it often borders on euphemistic.

How to Set Fees as a Consultant Freelancer

To survive as a consultant in any industry, you need to charge fees that will enable you to stay in business; at the same time, both you and your clients need to feel that your fees are fair and equitable. So how do you find the middle ground that seems fair to everyone involved?